Sustainable transport procurement

Our anti-trust compliant platform enables active shipper collaboration to reduce GHG and transport costs


Sustainable Procurement


Neutral trustee services


EU anti-trust compliant


Cut C02 and costs

Proven technology

Our technology integrates transport flow matching/optimization with market discovery in a single platform — putting the power of transport collaboration and sustainable tranport procurement in your hands. We make internal and external horixontal collaboration possible for all.

It's about sustainability

We are senior-level logistics professionals and software architects who enable active collaboration amount shippers and carriers through validated, compliant processes and state of the art technology — all in support of environmentally sustainable transport procurement.

The benefits of green

We continuously match and optimize your freight tranport network — moving it from an enterpise-centric to collaboration- centric model — to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and cut costs. We're focused on both internal and external horizontal collaboration.

It starts with procurement

Want to shift to environmentally friendly transport modes but
don't have the visibility or data to support it? We enable EU
compliant procurement of efficient, sustainable road and
intermodal transport through "smart visibility" technology,
proven internal and external collavoration methodologies, and
market discovery. The simultaneous result? Reduced C02
footprint, increased efficiency, and maximized freight spend.

Neutral trustee:
the supply chain's newest player

As neutral trustees for hosted multi-company collaboration,
we coordinate and manage shipper collaboration using EU
legally compliant methodologies and purpose built digital
tools to design trusted, efficient transport networks. We
facilitate transport flow matchmaking to identify synergies
between shippers in order to optimize transportation.

Bringing it all together

The digi-trust collaborative procurement platform combines EU compliant methodologies to support a sustainable
transport procurement processes, integrating (shipper) collaboration lane matching that reduces empty running with
carrier tendering on the same platform. The same matching technology that enables external horizontal collaboration is
used to identify internal match opportunities that can be tendered to carriers as part of the market discovery process.

Freight matches

Using "smart visibility" digital tools, we match your freight flows with potential partners (shippers, internal and external), identifying synergies based on multiple parameters. The results are efficient collaborative networks.

Collaborative matches

We further analyze selected matches together with you and your potential partners, then go to market with neutral tenders to implement efficient collaborative lane combinations.

Operation support

We continuously support commercially viable and scalable collaboration on the DGT platform, linking shippers and their carriers to support synchronization for collaborative lane combinations.

The time for change is NOW

Carriers pay approximately the same for equipment, fuel, drivers and infrastructure costs. So, how can they differentiate? By improving operating efficiency in the form of reduced emptry running, and reducing waiting time between unloading and re-loading! The perception among shippers is that carriers are addressing the problem. But in reality, carriers can't do it alone. Shippers need to be an active part of the solution — they need to collaborate to create more efficiency by reducing empty runs.

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